2014-2015 Board and Members

Colorado Technology Law Journal 2015-2016
Volumes 14.1 and 14.2

Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief: Ethan Jeans

Executive Editor: Amy Elis

Managing Editor: Misam Ali

Lead Articles Editor: Shoshana Rosenthal

Lead Production Editor: Jeanette Cuzella

Production Editor: Charlie Clark

Lead Note Editor: Megan Coontz-McCallister

Lead Digital Content Editor: Melissa Jensen

Editorial Staff

Articles Editors

Kate Armstrong
Alex Koral
Andy Marchant

Note Editors

Christen Nickel
Jordan Thomas
Neal Vickery

Symposium Editors

Cobun Keegan
Christopher Laughlin


Chelsea Carr
Joseph de Raimses
Joely Denkinger
Laura Drees
Christine Fitch
Gregory Garcia
Bill Gillespie
Eric Hapner
Molly Hogan
Andre Kaiser
Sam Litz
Jordan Moliver
Trip Nistico
Laura Peszek
Katie Petersen
Amber Williams

Faculty Advisor

Paul Ohm
Blake Reid
Harry Surden

Office Manager

Sara Schnittgrund

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